Restaurant Design

Want to set up, open and develop a restaurant or dining facilities in a hotel in France or elsewhere? Jean-Marc Banzo will help you to conceptualise the project, providing specific, high-quality solutions and original ideas to ensure long-term control of the business, and bringing talented people on board.

Cuisine Design

The design and layout of facilities coupled with atmosphere and presentation all influence our emotions and culinary perception. Jean-Marc Banzo will help you to find an innovative concept, to please both the eye and palate and to create a certain "art of living". The design and decor of the restaurant and kitchen inspire a full sensory experience.


Organisation, management

Choosing appliances, laying out the equipment, optimising space, ensuring the flow of kitchen staff... all of these considerations must be addressed to ensure this living environment is perfectly organised and functional. Jean-Marc Banzo will advise you on the most appropriate equipment, organising and setting up all the kitchen groups for each activity.

Creative menu design

A restaurant's menu reflects its personality. It tells its story. Jean-Marc Banzo develops them with great care, highlighting the descriptions that make your concept unique. He will choose key products and titles with you. An original presentation and the correct format are vital communication tools.

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